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Health insurance provides access to and financial protection against medical costs, and it’s a necessity.

But there are many problems plaguing Americans: rising premiums, high deductibles, losing the ability to see the Doctor you want, paying for coverage you don’t feel you need, or worse not having enough coverage where you need it; there has to be a better way!

Health Care Sharing Ministry’s (HCSM) can be a viable alternative to traditional health insurance.

It is estimated that more than one million people are already members of HCSM’s nationwide. This number is growing rapidly due to the rising costs of traditional insurance and coverage shortfalls of other less expensive options.

However, HCSM’s are not for everyone. We will help you determine if they are right for you as your Health Share Expert.

What is a HCSM?

HCSM’s are an alternative health care coverage option where like-minded people agree to share the medical expenses for members in their group. The monthly contributions are in lieu of the standard monthly premiums that insurance companies charge. HCSM are non-insurance entities and should not be considered as an insurance company.

Although HCSMs are not health insurance and do not count as minimum essential coverage under the ACA, the law grants HCSM members an exemption from the ACA’s requirement that people maintain minimum essential coverage (provided they are an ACA Exempt HCSM, some are not Exempt).

What are the benefits of a HCSM?

The monthly amount that members contribute is typically much less than the full-price premiums for individual major medical coverage, so for people who don’t get ACA premium subsidies, HCSMs are generally less expensive in terms of monthly expense.

Many HCSM have extensive networks which act like a PPO so that you can choose your own Doctor.

What are the disadvantages of an HCSM?

The coverage you get will vary from one HCSM to another, and they are not required to cover pre-existing conditions, cap out-of-pocket costs, or cover essential health benefits. And they can still have annual and lifetime benefit caps.

HCSMs are not insurance and are not regulated by state insurance commissioners.

Why choose Onviant?

Onviant Insurance Agency’s sole purpose is to help protect individuals and families ethically and honestly, with expert guidance in the complicated world of HCSM, by insuring that an HCSM is an appropriate fit for you, our client.

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